TSM is dedicated to achieving consistently high standards, providing solutions to road traffic management requirements across the UK.

We can provide a quotation from plans and specifications but recommend that a site visit can greatly assist in the production of a more accurate detailed quote which can save time and money. Our service extends from traffic management layout design through to the approval stage and on to implementation.

Utilising vehicles purposely designed and built for safety and compliant with all current legislation (SPITTMO), TSM offers the following services:.

  • Contra flow & Tidal flow systems
  • Traffic census
  • Lane closures
  • Event Management
  • Narrow lanes
  • Pedestrian management
  • Temporary speed systems
  • TVCB’s & Varioguard
  • Temporary traffic signals
  • Design
  • Road closures & diversions
  • Impact Protection Vehicles
  • Convoy systems
  • In house sign making
  • Stop / Go working
  • Annual Term Maintenance
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TSM are happy to help you come up with a scheme design to suit the needs of a particular contract, whether it is for budgeting pruposes or for quality submissions for pre tenders. Pre planning your traffic management will almost certainly achieve better results in a contract. Booking road space and getting permits can also take up a lot of your time; we can take care of that for you.
TSM have their own in house sign making facilities which help keep costs down when non-standard signs may be required or Advanced Warning Signs are required in a hurry. This is evry useful for supplying signs for event management and event signing. Re-use of signage keeps costs to a minimum.
Planning a sports even, concert, closing a pedestrianised city centre for works or re-routing pedestrian walkways will always take careful planning. We will arrange with local authorities, emergency services and local stakeholders, to allow your event or work to go smoothly. We can supply and install a variety of pedestrian and crowd barriers. We supply marshals to direct pedestrians and banksmen to direct the traffic.
Careful planning, acute design and general experience is required when having to deal with traffic, public transports, and heavy footfall. TSM are very experienced in this area of traffic management and can offer a wealth of knowledge in helping your scheme run as smoothly as possible.
When you need to work on or near to a single carriageway, you will inevitably require a need for some sort of traffic control. TSM offer a vast range of solutions for single carriageway working. Depending on your work space required, carriageway widths, site lines, working duration, junctions and pedestrian crossings, there will be a solution for you. IF work space is non achievable and convoy is not an option we can always apply for a road closure. TSM are accredited to National Highway Sector Scheme Documents 12D and the operatives all carry CSCS and hold the relevant cards to carry out these various layouts.
There are two types of High Speed Temporary Traffic Management; Standard or Relaxed. Relaxation schemes are appropriate for certain types of works for short-term situations with good visibility and low traffic flows. Short-term situations are situations that are expected to last less than 24 hours. Standard schemes are appropriate for works carried out in all weather, visibility and traffic conditions. TSM are accredited to National Highway Sector Scheme Document A and B and can supply TM crews for Highways Agency MAC/Techmac contracts, through to all types of Standard closures “Narrow Lanes, Contraflows and Tidal Flows”
A lot of temporary traffic management schemes may require speed restriction to slow traffic through work areas. These can be enforce3d by speed cameras and average speed cameras. There may also be the need to protect the workforce with barriers. There are a lot of variants of barriers available, for which we can advise the best to suit your needs and budget.